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26 February 2007

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Daryl on Compass
Majestic and dreamy...

badala on Compass
Feliz Ano Novo!

Diane - Daily Walks on Imagine there's no Heaven...
Incredibly dreamlike and very impressive!

##AMIT## on Compass
Beautiful place to sit down and relax...Good use of slow shutter speed..

Kairospix on Compass
wow! great atmospheric shot! makes me want to visit that place!

Evi on Compass
Wonderful atmosphere! Greetings from Greece

nausicaa on Compass
just "wow" :)

Art Monkey on Compass
that is just so beautiful very dreamy!

&Once on Imagine there's no Heaven...
Simply perfect!

&Once on Compass
dreamly composition.Very beautiful image. Maybe a crop from the sky will be good.

badala on Compass
Olá, encontrei o teu trabalho no 1000 Imagens. Excelente trabalho. O fotoblog é fantástico, tem ...

dYe on Compass
I love the thoughtfulness of her pose. I've looked through all of your photographs, and every single one is ...

Daniel on Imagine there's no Heaven...
Very nice

kaveh on Compass
Stunning! ,Nice composition!

Shamik on Compass
super.. almost like a high key effect on a landscape shot!! very nicely done!

Brian on Compass
I love how the rocks make her look small. We as humans are small compared to the earth.

Pedro Ferreira on Compass
Está excelente, bom trabalho, a agua ficou com um efeito excelente.

Paul Ricciardi on Compass
Lonely and the water and the mists, this almost has a celtic feel to it.

Manuela Photography on Compass
Wow! Another perfect take and I like everything about it...

badala on Compass
Adoro o efeito que conseguiste a água.

Brian on Ocidental
Stunning portrayal of the color blue.

james on Ocidental
really beautiful. got to be very inspiring place on earth there..

Shuva on Neighbours of the Atlantic
Very good PSing here. Is this an HDR?

Sarala on Neighbours of the Atlantic
Absolutely gorgeous.

ginger on dove in Sintra
superbly beautiful!

ginger on Imagine there's no Heaven...
again - gorgeous!

ginger on Ocidental
atmospheric! lovely!

jc on Imagine there's no Heaven...
stunning image!

Ahraht on Ocidental
This is really great. Love the tones and the colors.

Pedro Ferreira on Ocidental
Assustadora, imponente a altura que conseguiste transmitir, nem sempre é facil.

Abdullah on Ocidental
stunning point of view!... Nice shot!

Brian on Neighbours of the Atlantic
This really is stunning. Love all your photographs.

luisa brehm on Ocidental
fantasticccccc blues !!! and the little corner there, to change the vision ...

seventhray on Ocidental
Wonderful Photo! I like the deep blue color and the softness of the image. Great work!

Evie Sears on Ocidental
Eerie! Impressive too.

Nikos on Ocidental
Ok,I am officially a fan of your work now!!

Kaushal on Ocidental
WOW!!! thts all i can say!!:)

mooch on Ocidental
Yes, now this had that moody sense but at the same time the milky finish created by the sea. Great blue colour.

Sriram on Ocidental
Consistently good pictures here! Superb... Victor

Sriram on Imagine there's no Heaven...
Brilliant capture... lovely shaded of green... Great stuff! Superior work, Victor!

badala on Ocidental
O azul é lindo, surpreendente. Parabéns.

Myst on Ocidental
WOW! Amazing colours!

annie on Ocidental
Agree with everyone here ...

Jerry on Ocidental
LOVELY Victor! I like the "cooling" effect you put on it! Alluring image!

kaveh on Ocidental
again & again wonderful shot. i wish i was here & i saw how did you take this picture. Excellent!

Manuela Photography on Ocidental
Stunning excellent, love your style Victor!

Chris Sullivan on Imagine there's no Heaven...
Ditto to the above. Excellent, excellent work Victor!

Amit on Imagine there's no Heaven...
It seems you have shot this in a dence forest. I love the colors and contrast of white in this photo. You have taken it ...

Alfredo J. Martiz J. on Imagine there's no Heaven...
Wonderful photo, so beautiful, Reminds me of a Middle Earth scene!

Shamik on Imagine there's no Heaven...
awesome work again!!! love it!

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